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Would you let someone steal 30% of your money out of every paycheck?

In essence, that is exactly what G. Dallas Horton & Associates of Las Vegas, NV does on a regular basis to accident victims

This rip-off firm "specializes" in personal injury litigation...or should I say they depend on a revolving door "body count" to feed their bottom line ?!?

Here's how it works:

Many auto accident victims suffer from bona fide injuries that do not require hospitalization. Unfortunately, these types of cases can be handled without an attorney but victims get swindled into signing a contract by a money hungry attorney who does not inform the victim of such facts.

Such is the daily business at Dallas Horton & Associates. The more victims "body count" that sign the law firms contract the more easy money the law firm makes.

They'll tell you that your injuries are worth a "lot of money" only to turn around and settle LOW with the insurance company behind your back.

Adding insult to injury, Dallas Horton or one of his "associates" will tell you "...that was all we can get for your injuries..." Most people take the money and run...BIG mistake !

What is a victim to do? Get educated !

Why let a law firm get up to 40% of your settlement for limited work? If you walked away from your accident but have medical issues do the foot work for yourself and save thousands. Use an attorney only for legal paperwork that is required to settle with the insurance company. Most people have the intelligence to handle this.

It is industry standard for an insurance company to offer a you a low sum of money to just go away so they can close your claim. This amount is well below what your claim is really worth.

Lets say your claim is worth $10,000. Expect an early offer of about $3,000 (generally speaking). If you reject that offer expect another in the range of $4,000.

Do you see what happened? You sat on your butt and the offer increased. Then, by pushing facts and evidence in their face you may settle for about $5,000-8,000. Employing an attorney at this moment might get you $10,000 or more. WOW, the attorney might get me $10,000. It's a no-brainer, use the attorney right?


Do you see why Dallas Horton and other attorneys want you to sign a contract immediately before you figure this out? Right, they want 30% on the FULL $10,000 versus 30% on the difference between what YOU negotiated with the insurance company (lets say $8,000) and $10,000.

That is a possible savings of up to $2,400 that YOU keep in your pocket !

Moral ?

Unless you have significant injuries YOU can handle a good portion of your

accident claim BEFORE you involve an attorney if ever ! Further, keep the money grubbing attorney out of your bank account.

I called numerous attorneys in the Las Vegas area and NONE of them would admit to this deceitful practice. Be careful, attorneys pray on you given all the confusion that happens after an accident. They depending on you to sign their 30% contingency contract while you aren't thinking clear promising you "..lots of money."

Translation ?

If you don't watch you money some attorney will take it.

Best of health to you.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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